Dark Souls 3: Rating: 9/10

Dark souls 3 is a third person role playing game created by From Software where you play as a unnamed ( and technically undead) warrior who is known as an unkindled. Your character (which you create and customize) is tasked with returning the lords of cinder to their thrones in ruins known as firelink shrine. The reason you must do this is because in order to continue the cycle of fire(light) and dark they must all be present to link the eternal flame. The five lords of cinder are Aldrich and his brother the Holy King Lothric , the Undead Legions Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the Giant and ludleth the exiled who is already present at the shrine since he cut off his own legs many years ago. 

Dark Souls 3 has a very unique and fluid gameplay style that can be easily adapted to the players fighting style choice. This is made possible by a simple leveling system where players use the ingame currency called souls ( earned by killing enemies and defeating bosses) to put skill points into the nine attributes available. The game takes you across twenty seven different locations from thick forest the ruined castles to catacombs every time you play you will have a different experience. Two things make this game very unique and that’s the difficulty and the multiplayer. The game’s difficulty is one that is unique to the souls series in that it is very unforgiving. When the player dies all the currency they are carrying is lost and they are returned to the last bonfire (save point) rested at. The player is now given one chance to get back the souls they lost by returning to the spot where they died; if they fail to do so by dying on the way there they lose those souls (which happens a lot) because even the weakest enemy can easily take down even the highest level player if they are not careful. The multiplayer on the other hand is unique to the souls series because it is a role playing game (RPG) where the entire story can the played online with the freedom of playing offline. It also allows you to “summon” up to three other players to help them. The only drawback to this is that it works as a double edged sword because players can also be “invaded” by other players who only have one goal and that is to take what you have. Overall I give this game a nine because of its unique playstyle, gameplay and multiplayer. Also because of its difficulty it offers a challenge to even the most experienced gamer.          


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