For Honor: 7/10

For Honor is a third person multiplayer battle arena (MBA) game that lets players pick one of three factions which are the vikings, the knights and the samurai. When you select your character you can choose one of nine characters based off of a warrior type from each factions history. The game features and interesting user interface (UI) that allows you to attack or defend from the direction of your choice and allows you to change your stance at a moment’s notice.  The game also takes you across a campaign ( a total of eighteen missions) spanning across all three factions. The game fails at its multiplayer section. The game uses peer to peer connection which works best for turn based games; but in an attempt to save money  this was the server choice. This type of connection does not work well with the game because the main game type being dominion is a eight player game type that needs stronger connection type to keep gameplay smooth and prevent constant crashing.


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