Ryse Son Of Rome: 6.5/10

Ryse son of rome is a third person action hack and slash game with a few RPG aspects. In the game you play as Marius Titus a roman centurion who quickly rises the ranks to become a leader of his own legion during emperor Nero’s reign. The  players real journey begins once the character sacrifices themselves to save their retreating legions. They are then brought back by the goddess summer who reveals to him the truth of the empire and makes him take on the role of Damocles who was a top Roman general who was abandoned during battle by his allies for political reasons. This along with a few select moments is the only true plot which is one of the reasons the game gets such a low score. The others being that the combat can be a bit clunky at times and it revolves around quicktime events (when the game gives you a 1-3 seconds to press a button). When It comes to the multiplayer the biggest issue is the lack of players. Overall  I give the game a 6.5/10



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