Ryse Son Of Rome: 6.5/10

Ryse son of rome is a third person action hack and slash game with a few RPG aspects. In the game you play as Marius Titus a roman centurion who quickly rises the ranks to become a leader of his own legion during emperor Nero’s reign. The  players real journey begins once the character sacrifices themselves to save their retreating legions. They are then brought back by the goddess summer who reveals to him the truth of the empire and makes him take on the role of Damocles who was a top Roman general who was abandoned during battle by his allies for political reasons. This along with a few select moments is the only true plot which is one of the reasons the game gets such a low score. The others being that the combat can be a bit clunky at times and it revolves around quicktime events (when the game gives you a 1-3 seconds to press a button). When It comes to the multiplayer the biggest issue is the lack of players. Overall  I give the game a 6.5/10



Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 7/10

Rainbow six siege is a first person tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft that takes place in the modern world. Players take the role of one of dozens of special operators from special tactics and anti terrorism units from around the world including but not limited to the Canadian JTF-2, American Navy Seals, the British SAS, and the German GSG9. The game at its core revolves around Permadeath ( player only has one life) and detailed tactics among players and their squad (other players they are matched with based on skill and ranking). The game mechanics are good for the most part but can become extremely clunky when the servers are having issues. Sadly just like many ubisoft games the severs are forever plagued with issues which range from constant lag to entire regional server crashes.

For Honor: 7/10

For Honor is a third person multiplayer battle arena (MBA) game that lets players pick one of three factions which are the vikings, the knights and the samurai. When you select your character you can choose one of nine characters based off of a warrior type from each factions history. The game features and interesting user interface (UI) that allows you to attack or defend from the direction of your choice and allows you to change your stance at a moment’s notice.  The game also takes you across a campaign ( a total of eighteen missions) spanning across all three factions. The game fails at its multiplayer section. The game uses peer to peer connection which works best for turn based games; but in an attempt to save money  this was the server choice. This type of connection does not work well with the game because the main game type being dominion is a eight player game type that needs stronger connection type to keep gameplay smooth and prevent constant crashing.

Dark Souls 3: Rating: 9/10

Dark souls 3 is a third person role playing game created by From Software where you play as a unnamed ( and technically undead) warrior who is known as an unkindled. Your character (which you create and customize) is tasked with returning the lords of cinder to their thrones in ruins known as firelink shrine. The reason you must do this is because in order to continue the cycle of fire(light) and dark they must all be present to link the eternal flame. The five lords of cinder are Aldrich and his brother the Holy King Lothric , the Undead Legions Abyss Watchers, Yhorm the Giant and ludleth the exiled who is already present at the shrine since he cut off his own legs many years ago. 

Dark Souls 3 has a very unique and fluid gameplay style that can be easily adapted to the players fighting style choice. This is made possible by a simple leveling system where players use the ingame currency called souls ( earned by killing enemies and defeating bosses) to put skill points into the nine attributes available. The game takes you across twenty seven different locations from thick forest the ruined castles to catacombs every time you play you will have a different experience. Two things make this game very unique and that’s the difficulty and the multiplayer. The game’s difficulty is one that is unique to the souls series in that it is very unforgiving. When the player dies all the currency they are carrying is lost and they are returned to the last bonfire (save point) rested at. The player is now given one chance to get back the souls they lost by returning to the spot where they died; if they fail to do so by dying on the way there they lose those souls (which happens a lot) because even the weakest enemy can easily take down even the highest level player if they are not careful. The multiplayer on the other hand is unique to the souls series because it is a role playing game (RPG) where the entire story can the played online with the freedom of playing offline. It also allows you to “summon” up to three other players to help them. The only drawback to this is that it works as a double edged sword because players can also be “invaded” by other players who only have one goal and that is to take what you have. Overall I give this game a nine because of its unique playstyle, gameplay and multiplayer. Also because of its difficulty it offers a challenge to even the most experienced gamer.